Mac OS Malware

Mac OS Malware are primarily designed to infected Mac system as they are pretty advanced and protected. These are very dangerous and irritating.

Remove Mac Virus (Pricklybears) is a nasty mac virus that silently sneak into the targeted machine. It is a perilous threat which can attack all versions of Mac OS without permission. Once installed, it can infect the main browser and modify its settings….
Read more Mac Virus Removal (Becovi Search) is a fake search engine considered as a harmful browser based malware. It is designed to trick users through its appearance and drive traffic on sponsored sites for generating illegal revenue for its partners. Manipulating search results and showing…
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Remove from Mac (Any Search Virus) is a dubious mac infection which is promoted as search enhancement utility for Mac. The main page of this infection looks quite real as any other famous search providers but it is completely ad-supported and annoying. Any Search infection…
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EngineFiles Mac App Virus Removal Instructions

EngineFiles is a potentially unwanted and malicious program which mainly attacks Mac OS. It is an advertisement based application which is supposed to browsing experience. However it turned out be a intrusive and annoying as hell. This dubious EngineFiles app…
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